Integrating rich biomedical datasets in the era of machine learning

At the 2018 Festival of Genomics London, I'll be chairing a panel on the integration of biomedical data. Get along, the festival is free and fun:

My co-panellists will be:

  • Sofia Olhede (UCL)
  • Bissan Al-Lazikani (ICR)
  • Mathew Woodwark (Medimmune)

Possible topics include:

  • What is integration and why integrate data?
  • Technical barriers & standards
  • What's the end result for healthcare
  • Pritchard's omingenics: does every gene effect every other gene?
  • The promise & problems of machine learning
  • Graph databases & knowledge bases & reasoning?
  • Importance of rigourous statistics
  • Model-based medicine
  • Impact of GDPR

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